Allow me to share with you this poem entitled “To Know All Is To Forgive All.”

If I knew you and you knew me,
if both of us could clear the sea,
And with an inner sight define,
the meaning of your heart and mine,
I am sure that we would differ less,
and clasp our hands in friendliness.
Our thoughts would pleasantly agree,
if I knew you and you knew me.

The clear lesson of today’s reading is forgiveness. There is no reason to forgive unless there has been a previous hurt or offense. But the reason we get hurt is because we know each other. Someone we don’t know can’t hurt us.

When we are hurt, we tend to withdraw, refuse to talk or listen and cut all forms of communication. We leave it that way and wait for time to heal our hurts.

The Lord tells us another thing. Inevitably, we hurt each other. But after hurting each other, it is actually an opportunity to communicate more and to know more. The more we hurt one another, the more we should communicate and find out more. And then, the reality – the more you know, the more you forgive. If you know all, you will be able to forgive all.

We probably have this tendency to hold back on forgiveness because we do not know our offender well enough. Let us try to know more. Let us try to feel more. Let us try to understand more. People who know more are very likely to forgive more.

Mt 6:15
Jesus In My Heart

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