There are three stories of brokenness and healing for us today.

The first story of brokenness is from the prophet Hosea. According to Hosea, Israel, the wife of God, goes out to prostitute herself. The faithful God goes out in search of His errant wife and offers a second honeymoon. Yahweh offers his adulterous wife a second honeymoon in the desert so that they can again discover their lost love. This offer cannot happen unless the wife accepts.

In the Gospel, we hear of the hemorrhaging woman who wants to be healed from her illness. She has been hemorrhaging for twelve years and she believes that she can only be healed once she touches the Lord. In both accounts, Israel and the hemorrhaging woman are healed, only because they reached out. Both risked reaching out to the Lord. Both were bold enough to touch the Lord.

The third story is yours. Who among us can say that we have not committed a sin? Who among us can say that we have not prostituted ourselves in utter infidelity against God? If you want to be healed, remember that the Lord is always here. Maybe what is missing is your act of reaching out.

Let us reach out to God in silence and pray: “Lord, I want to be healed. Restore health to my soul, Lord, I want to be healed, heal me. Amen.”

Hos 14:14 / Lk 8:47
Jesus In My Heart

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