Not long ago, a friend of mine died and his son requested a vacation leave from work a week following his father’s burial. But his boss ordered him to return to work the day after the burial. Though this boss appeared unfair and inconsiderate, there was much wisdom in his instructions. The longer we grieve over the death of a loved one, the longer we suffer. The boss was telling the boy he would find his father alive and with him in his work.

Peter did the same when he chose to fish immediately after the Lord died rather than have a nine-day novena. He began to do what he normally did, and in it, discovered God again in the ordinariness of his life.

Our trouble is that we linger too much in the past. A happy event takes place, we linger on it. Something sad happens, we linger on it. We live in our yesterdays.

But the Lord is not in yesterdays or tomorrows, but in the present. If we continue to live in illusions of the past and fantasies of tomorrow, we will miss the presence of the risen Jesus Christ now at the present moment.

Let us start all over again. From the mistakes you have committed, God has forgiven you. From death in the family, there is simply a gateway to heaven. From sins we have committed, go on and forget the past, trust in the mercy of God and do the ordinary things you normally do and you will discover God is there too, God is not just in memory; He is present. Christ has not risen yesterday, but today. Peter
discovered it. I hope you discover the same truth, but be ready to start now.

Jn 21:1-8
Jesus In My Heart

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  1. So comforting…i was agonizing about the inurnment of my husband scheduled after his40th day, wanting to still hold on. But he is not with us but with Jesus..we should rejoice and gice thanks for this eternal peace he now enjoys with the Father.

  2. Thank you Fr Soc. for your this. I always look forward everyday to your writings. Please pray for me for healing of my memories.

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