The story of David and Goliath is perhaps the most popular story in the entire Old Testament. I am sure everybody here knows the story. We know the characters, what happened and how it ended. And yet even when we know and have heard the story countless times in the past, we still love to hear and read the story of David and Goliath. Why? Because in reading their story, we are given renewed courage to carry on to face the giant problems of life.

Let us realize that David won over Goliath because he carried with him the blessing of Samuel: “The Lord be with you.” Let me remind you dear friends, that at the end of the same Mass that we are celebrating, you will also be blessed with the same greeting and prayer: “The Lord be with you.”

If by this blessing David was able to overcome the giant, by the same token, every time you also receive the blessing, “The Lord be with you,” you are also given the courage and strength to fight a giant problem or the Goliaths of our lives. Many come to Mass to forget problems. I am sure, after this Mass, you will have to go to the offices where you work and you will have to face the same reality and you have to be confronted with the same giant problems.

There is no problem too great that we cannot overcome it. There is no problem too overwhelming that we cannot conquer It. All we need is God. David had God. He conquered a giant problem called Goliath. Our problems are perhaps not as huge as Goliath; therefore, we have every reason to take care of each. There is no giant we cannot overcome. There is no problem too overwhelming for us and no difficulty too Impossible to bear. Everything is possible as everything was possible to David Everything can be possible for you. Today receive the blessing “The Lord be with you.”

1 Sam 21:9
Jesus In My Heart


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