When I was in grade school, my teacher in physical education was also my teacher in character education. I was not athletic because I was sickly and asthmatic. This is why I barely passed physical education. However, I always did well in conduct.

This same teacher offered me a principle in life which I cannot forget. He said when you lose, do not cry; when you win, do not boast.

Actually, the Lord Himself was the first to teach this lesson. When He lost, He took it as an opportunity for victory. When He won, He looked at it as an opportunity to die more and to lose more. The Lord discovered that in dying we can have life and in living, we need to die.

It is good to ask ourselves, what kind of a winner and what kind of a loser are we? Do you look at winning as an opportunity for greater giving? Or do you look at winning as an opportunity for greater boasting? Do you sulk when you lose? Do you cry and weep when you lose? Or should you look at losing as an opportunity for greater victory?

Jn 12:24
Jesus In My Heart

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  1. One can be boastful of whatever success he gets if he attributes everything to his own efforts and to no one else. But if he is mindful and knows in his heart that everything is grace and that everything is a blessing from God, there surely won’t be any room for pride or for boastfulness.

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