Lord, we are here not to ask for favors. We are here not to be
spared from problems. We are here to praise You. We praise
You not only for the good times but for the bad times as well.
We praise and thank You not only for the petitions granted
but also for the petitions that remain unanswered. We thank
you for the graces as well as the crises in our lives.

Lord, we trust that You know what is best for us. May we
learn to outgrow our tendencies to keep grudges and hard
feelings within our hearts.

Lord, we trust You. We entrust ourselves totally to You
You may hit us. You may inflict problems upon us. We know
that if it comes from You, we will be better after it.

Jesus, cast away our fear of the cross. Take away our fear
of making sacrifices. Take away our desire to be somebody.
Make us humble, like Your mother. We will accept whatever
comes from You because if it comes from You, it must be good.
It is indeed the best because You are the best.

Jesus In My Heart

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