The Lord said He did not come to abolish the law but to fulfill the law.

This means that the past is not the enemy of the present. It means that we build our present according to the lessons and the blessings of the past. And yet, we know that we have an insidious tendency to blame the past for all the mistakes we presently experience.

The government blames Cory Aquino, President Marcos and President Macapagal for our mistakes today. We blame the Spanish missionaries for our religion now. We blame our great-grandparents our parents for not sending us to the right schools. We blame all the mistakes of the past.

The past is not the enemy of the present because the present is built on the past. We cannot build the present if we continue to disrespect and erase the past.

Winston Churchill said, “If we continue to allow the past to become the enemy of the present, we will lose our future.” The past is not totally bad. We have so many things to be grateful to God for from the past. We would not be what we are now if the past had not been generous with us.

Of course, we cannot say that the past is perfect. Nothing is perfect. But to say that all our mistakes now, all our sufferings now are because of the past is severely unfair.

At Mass, we remember the past the first Holy Thursday when God instituted the Eucharist. The past has gifts to offer. It has mistakes from which we can learn. If we are humble, We can learn from these mistakes. If we are grateful enough, we would be happy for the past.

Mt 5:17
Jesus In My Heart

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