How many contagious diseases and how many contagious people are mentioned in the gospel? Very likely, you will answer, one, the leper.

Leprosy is highly contagious. A leper is an abominable person. And more than that, at the time of the Lord, people thought that those who have leprosy was a sign from God that they were being punished for their sins right now here on earth. Leprosy is deadly, contagious and can even cause death.

But there is actually a second contagious disease mentioned in the gospel and it is called love. As far as the devil is concerned, love is a disease. It is also contagious. St. Theresa says, “If you cannot find love, put love and you will find it.” Love is also dangerous because it can always hurt you. In fact, love is much too dangerous it can even cause us our death.

Dear brothers and sisters, there are two contagious diseases mentioned in the gospel today. First is the contagious disease of sin and leprosy. Second is the contagious and dangerous disease called love. As Christians, we must contaminate the world with that beautiful experience of loving. As Christians, we must be ready to face the danger or death that love can ask of us.

Dear brothers and sisters, is the virus of your love strong enough to contaminate other people? Which one is a stronger virus in your soul right now, is it the virus of sin? Or is it the Virus of love? If you are bold enough to tell me that you have enough love in your heart to contaminate other people, my second question is, are you always sure?

Lk 5:12
Jesus In My Heart

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