Prodigal is defined in the dictionary as lavish and overflowing. The word “prodigal” describes three characters in the gospel.

First, the prodigal son, because he was overflowing with sin, vice and ingratitude. Second, the father, because he was overflowing with mercy. He was lavish with forgiveness and love. Third, the elder son who was overflowing with work. He believed that by working, he could express his love for his father.

The gospel presents us with three prodigal persons: Prodigal in sin, prodigal in forgiveness and prodigal in duty. If we have to be extravagant, lavish and prodigal, let it be a result of goodness. Prodigal in forgiveness, lavish in mercy. It is better to be lavish in goodness than be criticized for being bad. If we must be lavish, let us be lavish in goodness.

Lk 15:21
Jesus In My Heart

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