People who love are afraid of losing their dear ones. But the experience of losing and finding again is a mystery which the Lord himself uses in the gospel. What can we learn from the experience of losing? When we lose somebody, we appreciate even more their value and beauty. It is something we may not have realized if our dear one was not momentarily lost.

On the other hand, the mystery of finding back is a reminder for us that we are not in complete control of the situation; that our dear one is not our total possession but belongs to God. If we are able to find back our dear one, it is not because we searched, but because God willed he or she be found again.

Let us thank the Lord for the mystery of losing and finding. In losing, we appreciate more the value of a dear one. In finding, we appreciate more the fact that everyone is a possession of God, and everything happens only through the power of God.

Joseph and Mary found Jesus in the temple. But it was the Father who allowed Joseph and Mary to find Jesus again.

Let us pray for our lost dear one – a brother, sister or friend who does not talk to us anymore or has forgotten our love for them. Let us pray that God find our lost dear one for us.

Lk 2:41-52
Jesus In My Heart

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