Lord Jesus, I humbly acknowledge that I am neither hot nor cold. I am a person of compromises. I am afraid of being humiliated that is why I exchange Your principles for the principles of the world. I am afraid of being despised, of being ridiculed, of being laughed at. That is why I am afraid to stand up to speak out for what I believe is truly right. Lord, I take the easy way out. Lord, I follow the road of convenience. Lord, I am afraid of the cross, I am afraid of pains and trials. I have been pained in the past. I believe I have been tested beyond my endurance. Lord, I am afraid of being tested even more. Deliver me from temptation. Deliver me from the temptation of popularity. Deliver me from the obsession to be rich and famous. Deliver me from the obsession to be appreciated by everybody, everytime. Deliver me from my desire to please everybody, everytime. Lord, only one thing is necessary – to please You always, only You.

Forgive me for choosing the world instead of You. Forgive me for choosing my career ahead of my faith. Forgive me for choosing money instead of the treasures that last in heaven. Forgive me for choosing pleasure rather than everlasting joys. Forgive me for skin deep tranquility rather than inner peace. Lord, change my fear into courage, my doubt into faith, my grudges into forgiveness, my hatred into love, my unchastity to purity, my lying into truth.

Lord, I want to burn with love for You.

Jesus In My Heart


  1. Fr Soc I remember you telling me that you would rather have me err on the side of generosity and goodness even if it costs much.

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