All of us have problems to solve. All of us have doubts to clarify. All of us have burdens to unload. Some have more than others. Still all of us have problems and difficulties.

There are three ways to solve problems. The first is to rely totally on yourself as though all intelligence, power and wealth were at your disposal. This is called boastfulness.

The second way is to pray and pray and pray. Think that everything depends only and totally on God and then after praying, do nothing. This is wrong too, because it is fanaticism and laziness.

Another way is to totally rely and depend on somebody or something to help you solve your problems. These three approaches are all deficient.

How do we solve a problem? We rely totally on God as if everything depended on Him, and work as if everything depended on us. But after working totally and praying totally, we also ask the help of others because we know we cannot live alone for no man is an island.

This is how to solve our problems, and confront our burdens. These three working together will make our prayers effective, our efforts successful and improve our relationships.

Ps 23:1
Jesus In My Heart

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  1. Thank you, Bishop Soc, a great spiritual nourishment especially when we are tired and discouraged.

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