As far as the Jews were concerned, there were only two classes of people on earth: the Jews who were the chosen people and the Gentiles who were the unfavored people. In their belief, when the Messiah comes, He would exclusively save the Jews alone.

The Lord comes and the very first one He heals is a Roman soldier. He came to heal the Gentile first before the Jew. This is the Lord’s way of telling the Gentile: “I came here for you.” And, it is also the Lord’s way of telling the Jew: “No matter how unfaithful and stubborn you are, I also came here for you.”

As Christians, we cannot afford to play favorites. We cannot be biased and prejudiced. And yet, to say that you are a Christian is a contradiction in itself. Maybe no one among us is a Jew. But certainly, we have been chosen by God on account of baptism.

Let us ask ourselves at Mass today: who are the people I avoid? Is it because they are bad? Or is it because they are different from me? Let us remember that the Bread and the Wine are offered for all, without exceptions.

Lk 7:1-10
Jesus In My Heart

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