The solemnity of Christ the King is the last Sunday in the liturgical year of the Church. Although we customarily open the New Year on January 1, in the Church, a new year begins with the first Sunday of Advent. We have had 52 Sundays behind us. Fifty-two straight Sundays, as there are also fifty-two cards in every deck of cards. Today, the fifty-second Sunday of one year, let us meditate together on the mystery of the message of Christ as our king.

A deck of cards carries several images of a king. The first image is the king of clubs. A club is an extension of a violent hand. A club is an extension of a hostile man. Christ cannot be king of clubs because Jesus is not here to sow violence. Jesus is not here for hostility. Jesus is here as a king of peace. Jesus is here, gentle and humble of heart, not to sow enmity among us. Jesus is here so that all may be brothers and sisters to one another.

Neither can Jesus be king of spades. A spade is used to throw dirt. Jesus is not here to make our lives dirty. Jesus is here to cleanse us from everything that defiles us. Jesus is not the king of spades because Jesus is not in the grave. Jesus is risen from the dead. Jesus is not king of spades because the business of Jesus is not to make other people dirty, to make people look at the grave dug by spades. The business of Jesus is to give hope and purity to us.

Jesus cannot be king of diamonds for He came to bless our poverty. Jesus came to bless our pains and our aches. Jesus is not here to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Jesus is here to give meaning and purpose to our crosses and pains and trials.

If Jesus is neither king of clubs, spades and diamonds, he can only be king of hearts. Jesus is that kind of king. Jesus is king of the universe, but Jesus cannot be king of the universe unless He is king of hearts. If Jesus is truly our king, therefore, there can be no Christians who are Christians of spade. Let us just stop our gossiping, our intrigues, our destruction of one another.

Jesus cannot be king of clubs. Let us just stop our intention to take revenge. Let us stop our intention to get even with those who have hurt us. Jesus cannot be king of diamonds. As Christians we should see the blessing and meaning in our poverty, in our cross, in our pain.

If Jesus is king of hearts every Christian must be a Christian of hearts. The solemnity of Christ the king will be an empty day and pass like an ordinary Sunday unless Jesus is first born in our hearts. Let us check our hearts and see if Jesus is indeed there.

Jn 18:33-37
Jesus In My Heart

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  1. Thank you very much po Bishop for the inspiration in this Christ the King reflection.
    Jesus, my Lord and King, I trust in You. Make my heart like unto thine.

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