Lord Jesus, You chose to come among us and enter humanity through a family. You chose to be a member of a working family. Joseph taught You carpentry. Joseph taught You the meaning of work. We also work but we no not want to work like You. We work for money, we work for prestige. We work to satisfy our ambition, we work for payment.

You did not work for payment, Lord. You worked to glorify the Father. You worked to share Your love for other people. You worked but You also found time to rest. We are so busy that we hardly have time to reflect. We are so busy that we hardly have time to pray. We are so busy killing ourselves with work.

Lord Jesus, we want to start all over again. We want to be like Your foster Father Joseph. We want to work as we should but we also want to pray. We want to rest in You as we work for You. Help us to realize, Lord Jesus, that our lives here on earth are to be spent not only in working for You but in working with You. Help us to realize, Lord Jesus, that the meaning of our lives cannot be found simply in doing the work of God. The meaning of life can be found in being engaged in You, our God of Work. How different are we from You!

Help us to transform our work into prayer. Help us to work for the greater glory, for the service of our people.

Jesus In My Heart

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