The Philippines was named in honor of King Philip of Spain. I believe it was also named in honor of St. Philip, the apostle who asked, “Lord, how can I see the Father?” This was the same question our ancestors asked the Spaniards for 400 years. They answered, “Here is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Way to the Father.”

Many say we should be proud to be the only Christian nation in Asia. Yet after 400 years, we have done nothing to proclaim our faith to our neighboring nations. Our Asian brothers and sisters should be looking to us and asking how they can see the Father. But instead, they may be wondering why they do not see Christ in us.

We may be proud to be Christians. But being a Christian carries with it an obligation to share our faith. The obligation to proclaim the good news is not limited to religious and missionaries, but to every Filipino. Every follower of Christ must be a missionary who not only proclaims his faith to his family, but to other nations. Every Filipino must be ready to answer the question posed by St. Philip.

If we have relatives abroad, let us remind them that they too are missionaries and will have to proclaim the Lord. Let us remind them to keep their faith wherever they are.
Let us pray for our Asian brothers who are looking for Christ. May they find in us true examples of Christ.

Jn 12:21
Jesus In My Heart

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