From the book of the prophet Ezekiel, we are told that our personal life is what counts most before the Lord. When it comes to the question of sin or goodness, it is a personal relationship with God. “Although the community has a role in your life, whatever good or sin you do, is because of you”. You face God and account to Him the good you were able to do and the good you failed to do. We cannot blame others for the acts we committed and omitted.

Similarly, the gospel tells us that our Christian lite is not only personalistic. It tells us that whatever we do also affects other people. These two need each other. Our religion and discipleship of the Lord are personal but it is also communitarian. You do not approach the Lord alone. You do not offer the sacrifice alone. It is always in connection with what you have done and what you have failed to do.

Let us look into our worship and see whether our relationship with the Lord is truly personal in the sense that we are the one making it and solely responsible for all the things we do, but also communitarian in the sense that we love each other, remembering that “he whom the Lord loves, I also love.” If the Lord who is God, loves us all, so we, too, must love each other. The Lord tells us that everybody is His friend, then there is no reason why any one of us is to be considered an enemy.

Our Christian life is personal. You are responsible for your self. But our Christian life is also communitarian. Whatever we do affects other people.

Mt 25:45
Jesus In My Heart

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