A woman went to a supermarket to buy some supplies. To her great surprise, she saw Jesus at the cashier’s stall and had a conversation with Him. She said to Jesus Christ, “I did not know you worked in the supermarket.

Jesus replied, “Yes, I do, and I can give you all the goods you may want.”

“Give me peace, joy and unity for every person in the world,” the woman quickly requested. Jesus Christ answered, “Wait a minute, we do not sell fruits, we only sell seeds.”

The Lord sells seeds. He sells seeds of peace, joy and unity to us. The seed for joy is called forgiveness. If we learn to forgive, to love our enemies, to forget our grudges, then the seeds of peace and joy will grow and we will reap the fruits we are asking from the Lord.

Let us look into our hearts and see if we are ready to sow those seeds. Sometimes we are too preoccupied with getting the fruits, that we are not ready to labor, so that the seeds will yield fruits. Let us ask the Lord for peace, joy and unity, yes. But first, let us be ready to take from the Lord the seeds that make these fruits grow.

Lk 8:5
Jesus In My Heart

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