The feast of the visitation is an invitation for us to rediscover the value of other people in our lives. Why are other people important to us? Let me cite two reasons. One, we need other people because joys shared with others, double. We need other people because sorrows and afflictions shared with them are greatly diminished.

Please take note that before Mary expressed her joy in the Magnificat, or expressed her pride at being chosen the mother of God, she first shared her feelings with a significant other person: Elizabeth. The joy would not have been complete if it was not shared with somebody.

The second reason why we need other people is because
we need other people to validate our achievements. We need
other people to say to us, “Yes it is reall” We need other people to say to us, “Yes it is true! You are not dreaming! It is not an illusion. It is not a make-believe work. It is true! It is real.” It is lonely to achieve and not be able to share it with a significant person. It is lonely to succeed and not be able to share it and receive affirmation from somebody.

The Chinese say, “Water becomes sweet if it is drunk in the company of friends.” On the other hand, the most sumptuous dinner would certainly become tasteless if it is eaten alone.

Brothers and sisters, Mary needed Elizabeth to double her joy, Mary needed Elizabeth to confinn and affirm her achievement, to confirm and affirm her sucoess, to confirm and affim that she is indeed biessed by God. Yet how come, we can be so selfish? Why can we be so secretive about our joys, our pains, our sufferings, and our achievements?

Joys shared are doubled. Problems shared are diminished. Joys confirmed by other people are greatly doubled and multiplied. We need one another.

Lk 1:39-56
Jesus In My Heart

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