We hear the conflict between Jesus and the Sadducees, We may ask, what is the difference between Jesus and the Sadducees? The fact is, both of them love scriptures. The problem with the Sadducees is they focused so much attention on the first five books of scriptures and then they closed their minds to the scriptures which contain the teachings of the prophets.

The Lord Jesus, on the other hand, says to the Sadducees, “Your mistake is, you focus too much attention and resources on the books written by Moses. Moses is dead!” What the Lord was inviting them to do was to look beyond Moses who had already died. Jesus wanted them to look beyond the prophets who had died and the scriptures they had written. He wanted them to discover that God was talking to them at that very moment. The Sadducees could not understand that. They thought that God was speaking to them through Moses and that was all. They thought that God was speaking to them through the Scriptures and that was it. Now the Lord is telling them, “You are gravely mistaken. Although the Lord speaks to us in Scriptures, through Moses, and through the prophets, the Lord speaks to us through one another.”

In other words, the key challenge of the gospel for today is to look beyond. The challenge is to look beyond the scriptures and discover God at work. Let us look beyond revelation and discover that God continues to reveal Himself to us right now at this moment, in this place. Let us look beyond and discover the immensity, the infinity of Gods message to us being made known, moment after moment.

What the Lord is inviting us to do is to have faith. We ought to have faith in God who speaks to us not only in the scriptures, not only in the church. To have faith in God who, speaks to us through every moment of our lives is what Jesus asks of us.

I wish to share with you a poem that I came across about faith.

Doubt sees the obstacles, faith sees the way.
Doubt sees the blackest night, faith sees the day
Doubt dreads to take the step, faith soars high.
Doubt asks, “Who believe?” Faith answers, “I”.

The Lord is inviting us to have faith.

Mt 22:23-33
Jesus In My Heart

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