St. Paul gives three characteristics of saints. First, they are human beings. They are made of flesh and blood and are not sexless persons. They have sex, they have appetites, and need things all other humans need. The second characteristic of a saint is that like you and me, they are tempted. They can be happy and they can be sad. They can be tempted to stay away from the Lord, they can be tempted to be lukewarm in their commitment. Up to now, we are very much like the saints. The saints are human and so are we. The saints are tempted and so are we. The third characteristic of saints is – and this is often what makes them different from us – that they cling to God every time. The saint carries the power of God and not that of himself or herself.

I am reminded of a cardinal who used to be the chaplain in a mental hospital in Italy. He was a very promising priest. He did well, and after 15 years as chaplain of the mental hospital, he was finally made bishop. Because he was bright, he eventually became archbishop. He then became cardinal and was appointed head of the commission which investigates the lives of saints.

This cardinal who worked at the mental hospital said as he looked over the folders of the candidates for sainthood, he membered the folders of the mental patients. He concluded there was not much difference between what the saints went through and what the mental patients went through. The only difference is the mental patients clung to themselves, while the saints clung to God.

Now the choice is yours. If you want to cling to yourself, You may be a likely candidate for the mental hospital. If you are ready to cling to God, God can make a saint out of you.

1 Cor. 1:2
Jesus In My Heart

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