Jesus, I cannot help but influence other people. I cannot help but change other people’s lives. But If there is any change that I must do, if there is any influence that I should exert, let it be to make others good and have better and improved lives.

May I never be instrumental in leading other people to sin. May I never be a tool of the evil one. May I never allow myself to be a temptation to become a scandal to anyone. Not to my spouse, friend, brother, sister, parents, co-worker, neighbor. Not to anyone. Let people see Your goodness in me. Let people see me and be reminded of Your mercy. Jesus, I ask pardon for the sins I have introduced into the lives of others by my bad example. Pardon me for my compromising attitude, for keeping quiet even if I knew I had to express righteousness. Pardon me for my refusal to be a prophet. Pardon me for living only for myself, or avoiding to speak out, to admonish or to correct others out of my fear of displeasing them. Jesus, deliver me from a life similar to that of Herodias who exerted bad influence on other people.

Forgive us for attempting to kill with our looks, to kill with our words, to kill even with our plans. Help us to realize that the people who point out to us our defects are not our enemies. They are our friends because they want us to be better and they want us to be like You. Jesus, I also lift up to You the people I don’t like, people I don’t like to see, people I don’t like to hear and listen to. I lift up to You all of them. Heal my heart from every grudge. Make my heart like yours.

Jesus, I have so many fears. I am afraid to be lost, to be late for my appointments, to make a mistake in public. I am afraid to miss watching my favorite TV programs, to hear bad news and to be confronted with physical weakness and failing health. I am afraid to die. Jesus, I want to admit that I have so many fears which prevent me from truly loving and believing in You. Jesus, restore to me my courage. Restore to me my bravery. Restore to me that inner strength to sustain me through life. I do not like to be called a coward. But that is what I am. I am afraid to confront myself. I am afraid to open myself to other people. Jesus, take away my fears. Perfect love casts out all fears. Keep me faithful. Keep me courageous. Keep me firm. Lead me to your perfect love.

Jesus In My Heart

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