Romantics say that love comes from the most unexpected places. But this is true not for love alone. God also comes to us unexpected places and people.

In the first reading, we hear of God using Assyria in order to talk to Israel. Assyria is a pagan nation which does not believe in Yahweh. And yet, God uses a pagan nation to talk to His chosen people. Israel does not realize this. Perhaps, Assyria does not even acknowledge that she is being used by God as an instrument. But God does it just the same. In the gospel, the Lord reveals His message to children. He does not reveal His message to theologians or intellectuals. He does not do so to the richest people in society, but to children, the most taken-for-granted sector of society.

The way of God brings forth unexpected joys. If only we could open our eyes to the reality of God talking to us through unexpected people, places and events, then our lives would never be boring. We get bored only because we lack faith. It is only in faith that we discover God. Let us open our eyes and ears to His message.

2 Kings 15:29
Jesus In My Heart

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