One day, a young man’s search for the true meaning of prayer, brought him to a guru who resided deep in the mountains. As soon as he entered the house, he was immediately struck by its simplicity. There was nothing in it except the guru who sat at the center of the room. There were no utensils, no books, no papers, nothing. Unable to contain his curiosity, the young man asked the guru, “Master, how come you have nothing inside the house?” The guru said, “Before I answer your question, let me ask you my own question.” He said to the youth, “How come you have nothing when you came here?” And the young man replied, “Master, because I am just passing through.” The guru replied, “So am I.”

We are only passing through life. We are on a journey. We are men and women on a pilgrimage. We cannot settle here on earth, really. We cannot put up housing here on earth, realistically speaking. We are men and women on a journey and the less we carry, the simpler our lives are, the better for us.

Another spiritual leader, Gautama Buddha, says to us that the cause of all suffering is desire. Therefore, the less your desires, the less your sufferings. The more attachments you have, the more sufferings you will have in this life.

The Lord asks us, “Give up, and do not give up on giving up.” Do not say, “I have given up enough.” Because the greatest measure of love, is love without measure. Again, let us ask ourselves, What is it that I still need to give up? What am I willing to sacrifice today?

All of us are squatters. We are not settlers on earth because we are men and women on a journey. Our true home is heaven. Let us ask the Lord for the gift of simple living. Let us ask the Lord for the glft of liberation from wrong and burdensome attachments.

Jn 12:24
Jesus In My Heart

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