Every disciple of the Lord is to three missions.

The first mission is the mission of joy. A sad Christian is a very bad Christian. The world suffers because of so-called Christians who wear long faces and give the impression that the whole world is on their shoulders. Our joy is in Christ. This should radiate from our faces and show in our actions. Christ wants us to be happy Christians.

The second is the mission to love. No Christian is sent by God to sow dispute and hatred. Each Christian is called to love. How faithful are we to this mission? It is easy to love the beautiful and those who love us in return. But the Lord asks us to love everybody, just as the sun shines on everybody and the tree gives shade to both good and bad. Our goodness should be given to both good and bad people because our nature itself is goodness.

The third is a mission of friendship. We are sent as friends. We are no longer slaves, but the Lord’s friends. Because He is our friend, all His friends should be our friends. The Lord says a true Christian disciple is friendly. Let us relate to each other as friends, not as master or slave.

Let us ask the Lord to deliver us from the temptation to be sad and pessimistic, the temptation to be unfriendly and to lord it over others, the temptation to hold grudges and nurse hurt feelings. Let us ask the Lord for the grace to be faithful in our mission to love, our mission to be friends and our mission to be joy givers.

Jn 15:11
Jesus In My Heart

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