It is clear in the metaphor of the potter from the book of Jeremiah that our life is not always within our control. It is like clay to the potter. Only the potter can decide what he wants to do with the clay. The clay cannot tell the potter what it wants to be.

It is the same in our lives. There are matters which are beyond our control and which we simply have to entrust to the mercy of God. There are matters which we cannot change.

Part of this reality is that the Church is made of sinners and saints. We have no control over this because God willed it so. He willed that the Church be made of good and bad men and women. As the gospel says, “The Kingdom of God is like a net cast into the sea and everything is taken in by the net.” That is how the Church is. There will be dirty and clean people in the Church. There will be saints and public sinners. The Lord accepts this reality. That is why we, too, who are just clay, have to accept the reality that our own Potter is tolerant of the presence of sinners and saints in the Church.

How do we confront the reality that the Church is not an exclusive club of saints? Are you willing to sit beside a public sinner at Mass? Are you willing to fall in line with a public sinner who wants to receive the Lord in the Holy Bucharist?

Are you willing to give understanding and a compassionate heart to a sinner who wanta to change? Or can you be so self-righteous just the same? Do you want to control the situation and say, “If they do not leave, I leave. If they do not know the gravlty of their sins, I will make them realize It.” We cannot afford to be like that. That would place us above God.’

There are things in life that are beyond our control, like the reality of sinners in the Church. God understands them and is compassionate to them. God supports them in their struggle to be holy again. If God does, we should not do otherwise.

Jer 18:6/Mt 13:47
Jesus In My Heart

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