The Gospel presents Zechariah in the temple. He was praying there in the manner that priests prayed at that time. The angel appeared to him and announced that his wife, Elizabeth, who was advanced in age, would bear a child. He was surprised to hear such news from God.

That shows the mystery of God’s love: God surprises us.
Who surprises us? Not old people.

The main desire of old people is to be stable. They want their lives to be structured. They are wary of new things because they no longer have the impetus to change. They cannot adjust to varying situations. The more stable a situation is and the less changes there are in life, the better for old people.

Who likes surprises? Young people. Who plays tricks? Young people. Who plays games? Young people. Who likes adventures? Young people.

Now we are shown God taking on an adventure. God pulls out a surprise, gives a treat because God is young.

God is young and those who follow God will remain forever young. God is a god of freshness. God is a god of newness. Those who believe in Jesus will remain forever new. Some of us are not so old, but are battered by and tired of life.

There are some who are already 60 or 70 years old, and yet are full of vigor. They seem to love surprises. These people have fallen in love with love itself. They have discovered the joy of eternal youth – Jesus Christ.

Let us pray that the same grace be ours. Wrinkles and gray hair, we cannot avoid; but a young heart will be given to whoever asks for it.

We ask the Lord today for the grace to remain forever young; the grace to always hope; the grace to always trust. God is always with us. God is the god of newness, God is forever young.

God of Surprises
Lk 1:5-25
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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