The Book of Judges, chapters 6, 7 and 8 is about Gideon. I find the story of Gideon very beautiful and interesting because Gideon was a simple farmer, and, yet, Scriptures say, he talked to God as if he were talking to a friend. Theirs was such a personal, undemanding relationship until God told him, “You must lead an army and fight the Midianites”.

Gideon naturally said, “How can that be? I am not a warrior, I am a farmer. I am very small while the Midianites are like giants. I cannot fight them”.

And then the Lord told Gideon, “You have it, you have it because you know that you are weak. You have it because you know you are humble. I will fight the battle for you.” In fact, the Lord was not satisfied with that because during the battle, the Lord diminished the army of Gideon to 300 against the thousand warriors of Midian and yet Gideon won the battle.

Not because he was strong, not because he was well trained but because God was with him. As with us, we may have to fight so many battles, not necessarily against Midian. We will have to fight the battle against our own selfishness which make us feel jealous of the achievements of other people. We will have to fight the battle against our feelings of ill will against other people. We will have to fight the many battles against our desire to be somebody in our offices, communities, even the world; in our desire to secure the respect and reverence of those around us.

Like the battle of Midian, such battles cannot be overcome, cannot be won by mere psychology. Like the battle against Midian, the battle against sin cannot be fought through a psychoanalysis of our bold and rambunctious childhood histories.

The battle against Midian, the Midian of sin, cannot be fought simply because we have good educational background. The battle of Midian, which is the battle against sin, can only be fought and won if you completely rely on God.

Let us stop blaming our traumatic childhood. Let us stop blaming our bosses. Let us stop blaming our parents for what we are. Rather, let us trust completely in God. God won the battle for Gideon. We will also win our battle against sin. Let us trust in Him.

Judges 6:11-24
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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