We are all in search of happiness. We want to be with each other in the search for happiness. But in our quest for happiness we may often be misled because the world presents a topsy-turvy map of the road to happiness.

It is very clear that the Lord wants happiness for us, too. The Lord wants us to be blessed. The beatitudes, which are in today’s Gospel, show us the road to holiness, to happiness, to blessedness in His kingdom.

The values of the Lord are so different from the values of the world. For example, the Lord says, “It is very difficult for the rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

There was one priest, a friend of mine, who said: “It is very difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. It is probably easier for the rich man to become president of the pastoral council.” So you see how distorted our views can be.

While the world extols, “Isang gabi, tatlong babae,” the Lord tells us “If you are pure of heart, you will be called children of God.” While the Lord tells us, “You must be merciful so that you will receive mercy from me,” the world tells us, “Hinukay ko no ang libingan mo.” This is the world which we live in. And it is a sorry world.

Indeed, this world is truly unfortunate. Because of this we have a mission to accomplish. We are confronted daily with these values of the world. But we cannot allow ourselves to be carried away by such values because we belong to the Lord, and only to the Lord, always to the Lord.

I have only one message for you. The world is distorted. We should correct the world. We should be the leaven in the dough. We should give hope to the world. We should show the world the right thing to do. It is a mission. It is not an impossible mission. We can do that with God and in God alone.

Mt. 19:23-30
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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