Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are there some people we seem to hate naturally?”

These are people who do no wrong to us, who have not crossed us, or who by themselves are not shameful but who somehow irritate us or bring us to anger just by their mere presence.

There are countless reasons why people are like that. But I want to present a proposition that might also answer the other questions.

You see, some of us dislike seeing other people because these other people remind us that they are too good and we are not.

That is the same with the Lord Jesus.

Why? He came as love. He came to bring life. And yet He was hated not because of what He had done, but because everytime He spoke, everytime He did something, He confronted people with the fact that Jesus Christ’s too good and His goodness reminded them of how bad they were.

Long before the time of the Lord Jesus, the Greek philosopher Socrates was confronted by a Greek student who told him: “Master I don’t like to see you! Because each time I see you I am reminded of how bad I am.

Isn’t that the same with us? We dislike people not because they have done something wrong to us. We dislike people because seeing them, we are reminded of our own imperfections.

Not so long ago, there was a movie star who was interviewed. And she says, “I am angry with the girlfriend of Robin Padilla because each time I see her, I am reminded that my skin is not as good as hers.”

You can come across people like that, who will be angry with you to the moon. But they are angry not because the other person has done something, but because this person confronts them with their own imperfections.

Look at yourself and ask yourself, “Who are the people I don’t like?”

And then ask yourself, “Could it be because these people confront me with my own imperfection Could it be because seeing these people remind me that I am ugly? They remind me that I am not holy. They remind me that I am not perfect.”

But there is no reason to get angry at people who are like that. There is no reason. Because there is no reason either to condemn the Lord because He is too good.

Ask yourself, “Who are the people I don’t like?” Could it be because they confront me with my own imperfections?

Jn. 3:16-21
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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