In the 60’s, The Beatles recorded the song “Yesterday.” The song is appealing to a lot of people because many love yesterday.

We love old things and we do not like to change because there is so much in yesterday. There are so many memories in yesterday.

We love the things we used to do yesterday, especially if they were tested and found effective. We repeat what we have done yesterday, today, not wanting to dare anymore because we are afraid to commit mistakes.

Jonah was a man who lived in yesterdays. Jonah’s yesterdays were his prejudices. He was a farmer who was called to preach.

He refused and said, “No, farmers don’t preach.

He was told to go to Nineve and he also refused, for he believed that only the Jews should receive preaching. He compromised with the Lord and stipulated that if he would be asked to preach it should be to the Israelites and not the Ninevites. He believed that Ninevites were dirty because they lived in a Gentile territory where he would be laughed at.

He was a man of yesterday. He had so many prejudices. But the Lord insisted. Thus Jonah dared – and people listened.

During this Lenten season, let us forget about the Beatles.

During this Lenten season, our song should be for “today” not “yesterday.” Our song is that we will dare today what we dared not do yesterday. There are so many things we do not like to do. Look into your heart. What are the things you do not like to do? Who are the people you do not like to see? It is because these people are immoral? Or is it because of your prejudice?

What are the things we do not like to do? Is it because these things are against the Gospel? Or is it because these things are too unconventional?

What are the things we do not like to explore? Is it because they are bad? Or is it because we are not used to doing them?

Jonah dared. He dared something that was unthinkable. He dared to do something that was unconventional. He preached even if he was a farmer. He preached to Gentiles not to Israelites and look at the wonders the Lord wrought through him.

During this Lenten season, we will take courage to do things we do not usually do, because of trauma, fear, or timidity. We will do things because God wants it. And if God wants it, it has to be done.

“Yesterday, all our troubles seem so far away.” When you do something you don’t usually do, it does not mean it will cause you troubles. It will just mean new opportunities will be given to you.

Jonah 1:1-3
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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