The first reading is about the Church interfering in politics.

There was a king named Joash. He was one of the grandsons of David. When the father of Joash died, there was a threat that he would not be proclaimed king. Jehoida, the priest, interfered so that Joash would ascend the kingship. Naturally, Joash was in gratitude to the priest for being responsible for his kingship. The priest died and left a son named Zecharia.

Joash, after the death of the priest, initiated contracts with the pagan countries and asked them to introduce pagan practices in Israel. Zecharia reminded him to be faithful to Yahweh. Joash did not listen and instead stoned Zecharia to death.

The Gospel tells us that one cannot serve two masters at the same time. Joash was king anointed by God, and the priest was responsible for his kingship. Joash wanted to be king of Israel and at the same time he wanted other tribes to take him as their friend.

You cannot serve two masters at the same time. You cannot serve money and God at the same time. You cannot serve a pagan god and Yahweh at the same time.

The lesson from the two readings is very clear. We must make a choice and we must be single hearted. We must be single-minded in our service to God. You cannot ask God, “Lord, I want to serve You” and at the same time continue with your dishonesty. You cannot tell your wife or husband, “I love you,” and yet keep a second family. You cannot serve two masters at the same time because you will be torn between two lovers. We cannot row one boat in two rivers. We have only one heart and head because we only have to think of only one, love only one.

Do you have that same single-heartedness? Do you have that single-mindedness?

You cannot serve two masters at the same time. Joash tried to do It. He failed. Let us learn from his mistake.

Ch. 24:17-25 / Mt. 6:24
Only Jesus, Always Jesus

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