Seventy-Five Years of Blessings
Soc B. Villegas

She was born on the feast of lights, a day called purification
When Christ was brought to the temple for His presentation
Pateros church was aglow for the candles’ benediction
Her parents beamed with pride as they carried their firstborn.

In school she was always tops in the classroom or in the campus
Favorite of many teachers for she was brilliant, ever zealous

She was be medalled as a student in the campus she was famous
At home she was obedient, polite and sharp and tenacious.
She studied accountancy and passed the board as expected
She married her dream husband, to America she migrated
After birthing two daughters she plunged into deeper waters
To chase the dream of a big life, without limits without fetters.

Fifty years of golden marriage, diamond years of endless graces
Doting Lola to three jewels, friend and buddy to countless others
Blessed with a happy family, blessed with peace and cheerfulness
Blessed with health of mind and body, blessed with godly happiness!

As a first and only daughter, she made Nanay and Tatay proud
As our “ate” and only sister, her tender care was profound
As a golden wife and a mother, she is loyal, sweet and kind
As a diamond Lola she is super, there is no equal we can find.

Happy birthday!
February 2, 2023

3 Replies to “MY DIAMOND SISTER”

  1. Happy Blessed Birthday po to your sister…
    May the Lord Almighty continue to keep and bless her through out the years of her life 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Nice and pleasant story.
    Righteousness from the elders, descending through,
    bonding in deep affection, relationships and virtues

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