There are four gospels in the Bible. The gospels of Matthew and Luke are similar to one another. Each of them contains these words: “If you want to be my disciple, you must carry your cross.” St. Luke says it with a difference. After saying, “You must carry the cross,” he adds “daily.” There lies the difference among the gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke.

St. Luke says, “You must follow the Lord. Take up your cross daily, everyday, each day.” Perhaps that is the reason why the Church chose to get the gospel of St. Luke for today. The issue of Lent is not only that we are faithful to the lord periodically. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and we had quite a crowd. But Ash Wednesday is not the whole Lenten season. What has happened to the crowd of Ash Wednesday? It has diminished terribly, when in fact, the test of our commitment is not only on Ash Wednesday but everyday of our lives.

You know Valentine’s day. How many roses, chocolates and gifts were bought because of lovers who wanted to mark the event? But expressions of love for our loved ones cannot be, and should not be, limited to wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s day.

Jesus says, “If you want to be my disciple, you must carry your cross daily.”If you want to show your love, you must show your love everyday. “Each day” Is the most important Phrase for today. It is very easy to love sometimes. It is very easy to love oftentimes. It is very difficult to love everyday.

The call of Lent is to love, follow the Lord and carry the cross each day. Daily!

Lk 9:23
Jesus In My Heart

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