As he sees his mother pass him by, a little baby will almost always not let her get away easily. He will cry out to her, saying, “Mommy, carry! Mommy, come! Mommy, look at this!”

The child will do anything to share even just a brief moment with his mother, who is his source of strengthened assurance. Her touch and her presence are clear statements of his own worth. He needs to feel this bond. Without this bonding, the child becomes insecure and psychologically malnourished. Sometimes, all it takes is for the mother to spend but a few moments with her child. The mother must dedicate these few minutes solely to this one child. Later, the child walks away confidently and finds something else to amuse himself with while he leaves his mother behind, fully reassured that he is always around and available for him. He walks away, not because he is tired of her. It is just because he has gathered enough psychic energy to set out and be his own person. That is one of the most outstanding qualities of a child.

Children know when they have had enough. Infants know when they have had enough milk. It is interesting how children who are satisfied with having enough of their mother’s attention can go about their own business with ease and happiness. It is amazing how a mother with such finite love can empower her child by merely touching him or spending time with him.

Sadly, though, often, it is the mother who does not have the luxury of time. Sometimes, it is the lack of patience to sit there and watch the child wiggle incessantly and repeat himself to no end that prevents mothers from being with their children. The mother may not always choose to be available. She always seems to have an infinite number of things to do.

God is like a mother. We are infants who definitely need God for support, sustenance, and strength. God is always there. God waits on us always. He is never too busy, too tired, too preoccupied. In fact, He is happiest if we come to Him.

Can you imagine how much energy and power we could gather by spending time with the great source of infinite love and mercy? It is mind-boggling what wonders a few minutes of prayer, of just being with God and staying in His presence, can do to empower us. If we sit there with God as a child sits beside his mother. If we sit in stillness and really wait on God, He will not disapprove of us. Somehow, we will feel his consolation. Maybe not always in an earth-shaking manner, but we will definitely walk out of that Presence with more peace and confidence. It is difficult to sit still, but it is definitely worth the try. A child that sits still beside his Mommy can experience her body’s warmth, feel her touch, smell her breath, and go with the beating of her heart. If we could keep still, even for just a moment, we too could feel the breath of God. We, too, can feel his strokes of assurance, support, and love. Not only will we feel the beating of His heart, but eventually, our hearts will be like His own.

That is the wisdom of being like little children. We will definitely inherit His kingdom and be like Him the longer we stay with Him and be with Him and allow Him to touch us.

Jesus Our Light

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