Psychologists speak of what they call “comfort zones.” A “comfort zone” is an area which we are used to. We love to do things, thoughts, and plans because we are assured of success with them. We are used to them; they give us comfort. Outside of this parameter, you become insecure and unsure because you don’t know whether you will be successful or not.

All of us have our comfort zones. Do not be very quick to judge that those who have comfort zones are the sigurista types. All of us have our comfort zones. We go with people that we are sure of. We do things that we can predict the outcome of. We frequent restaurants that assure us of good food and service. You make this or plan that because you are sure of them. These are our comfort zones.

James and John had their own comfort zones. They were fishermen. They were very good at fishing. That was as far as they could go. And they were very humble. They knew their limitations. They were not dreaming of fantastic, spectacular things because they knew the boundaries of their comfort zones. Then along came Jesus, and his invitation to James and John was, “Come, follow me.” It was outside the parameters and boundaries of their comfort zones, and following Jesus would be a heroic act. But they did it. James and John followed Jesus.

I challenge you to look at your comfort zones. What are the things you are used to, what are the actions you are used to doing, what are the thoughts you are used to thinking? Who are the people you are used to going out with? What are the words you are used to uttering? Then ask yourself, “Why not go beyond?” The advice of St. Dominic Sabio is my advice to you also, “You can do anything you want, except sin.” Some of us have so many fears; we have set our parameters too tightly around us that we cannot move anymore. Although we have our comfort zones, these are becoming smaller and smaller as the years go by. Break loose. “Do anything you like, except sin.”

Lk 5:8-11
Looking For Jesus

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