From today’s readings, we see the tendency of some human beings to twist goodness into something bad. There are so many things that are spoiled because of human intervention. In the beginning, paradise was all goodness. In the beginning, our parents were inside God’s kingdom. In the beginning, there was a beautiful plan for the tenants. In the beginning, there was a beautiful plan for Israel and his twelve children. But because of human sinfulness and pride, the goodness was twisted into something evil.

In today’s readings, we also see that if human beings have the tendency to twist goodness into evil, God has the power to twist evil and make something good come out of it. That is shown in the first reading, in the crime that the brothers of Joseph committed against him. God uses the evil situation so that the Israelites do not die of starvation during the famine. God uses the crime of Joseph’s brothers so that they will be spared from hunger later on. God uses the arrogance, pride, and ambition of the tenant farmers and twists it and squeezes good from the evil act.

And the evil act is turned into something good because God says,
“The stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone.”
Thus the first lesson is: “We, human beings, twist goodness and make it evil.” The second lesson is: “God in His power can squeeze goodness from the evil acts of human beings.” The perfect example of this is the humiliation of the cross. The cross looks evil; looks very bad. But from that bad side of having Christ on the cross, God the Father twists it and squeezes it until something good comes out of it. And the good of the cross is Easter Sunday.

The third lesson is: “God has given all of us the capacity to turn evil into good.” That power has been shared with us. God does not keep this to Himself. We have the power to change sin into holiness. We have the power to change evil into good, not by ourselves but because, in God’s goodness, He has given that power to us.

Let us lift up to the Lord our pains, our aches, our frustrations, our disappointments, even the deaths that we carry in our hearts. We look at them as evil. We look at them as heavy. We look at them as burdensome. Let us trust in the power of God. He can turn into joy the heavy and burdensome aches and hurts that we carry.

Gn 37:3-4, 12-13, 17-28; Mt 21:33-43, 45-46
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