In the Gospel, we hear of Saul, a committed and zealous Jew. Saul is the perfect example of a Jew. He is committed, has strength of character, and is faithful. However, this same Saul lacks something: the Holy Spirit. This is why, even though he is full of zeal, committed, and strong of character, he is led by these same qualities to persecute Christians. His conviction leads him to use violence in order to proclaim his truth.

There is nothing wrong with being committed, zealous, or having strength of character. However, we must make sure that our zeal and commitment are accompanied by the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, we can use religion, which is meant to unite and bring life, to divide and bring death to others.

Let us look at our own commitment. In the name of this commitment, we sometimes judge others, ostracize them, or set them aside as not good enough for God.

After Saul is touched by the grace of God, he is transformed. His commitment and zeal are still there, and he still has strength of character. However, with the Spirit, he becomes the first among the Apostles to preach to the Gentiles.

Let us check our commitment and examine our zeal. If God is not there, then we are dangerous Christians.

Let us ask God for the grace to make us committed and zealous like Saul. Let us also ask the Lord for the grace of the Spirit of love so that, no matter how strongly we stand by our convictions, we may always proclaim the truth with love.

Acts 9:1-20
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