When you see the face of a crying child in a magazine, you must remember that somewhere in the world is the mother of that child, also crying. When you see the face of a sick child, remember that somewhere close by is a mother who is in pain and in anguish because of the condition of her child. Such was Mary when she lost her child during the feast of the Passover. But do not just get caught up in the fact that the child was lost, because the story did not end there. The story ended with the finding of the child.

That, very simply, is the message of the Gospel. The incident happened during the feast of the Passover. It would also be on the feast of the Passover that Jesus would hand himself over as a sacrifice for the sins of many. The story of Jesus does not end with the death. The story of Jesus is a story of passion, death, and resurrection. For every loss, there is a corresponding rediscovery. For every death, there is a corresponding rebirth. For every pain, there is corresponding relief. For every defeat or failure, there is a corresponding triumph or success.

On the feast of the Passover, Mary was given a chance to share in the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. She lost a child. She suffered because of what happened to her child. But her joy was complete in finding the child again. No matter how grave, how deep your sorrows may be, remember your sorrows will not end in defeat. God created us for victory.

Lk 2: 41-51
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