The Lord is very sure we will face difficult times. Actually, we do not even have to wait for it. Some of us have experienced many challenging moments, and some of us are going through very, very difficult times right now. Going through difficult times? What does the Lord tell us to do?

First of all, face it. Denying it will not help! Running away from it will not help at all. Face the difficult times. “Face the persecution,” the Lord says. There is no use running away from it because it will get ahead of us anyway.

Second, during the difficult times, remember the victorious moments of the past. That is what the First Reading reminds us to do because we have had our little successes, little triumphs, and little victories in the past. When times become difficult, God gives us the capacity, the gift to remember. The memory of the victories of the past will give us courage right now, at the present moment.

And the third recommendation from the Lord is that when we go through difficult times and we are afraid, we must remember that the antidote to fear is not courage. The antidote to fear is trust. When we are afraid, we must not depend solely on ourselves. When we are afraid, trust in the Lord.

All of us will go through difficult times. Some of us are going through difficult times right now. Let the message of the Lord be our guideposts at this moment. First, face the challenge. Second, remember the victories and the triumphs of the past. Remember the happy moments of the past and let that provide the energy for us to move on. And third, trust in the Lord because in trusting in the Lord, we cannot but let go of fear.

Lk. 21:28-33
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