Today we mark the 57th anniversary of the bombing of the city of Hiroshima in Japan. When the powerful bomb was dropped, a bright light came upon the city. And then, after the bright light, there hovered a cloud, not a cloud that will be transformed into rain but a cloud of deadly smoke. The bright light and that cloud of smoke over Hiroshima 57 years ago is a foretelling of how the world could end if it will not pursue peace now. What happened in Hiroshima, what we see documented in pictures and video, may just be the picture of the world unless we set our hearts on making peace.

Today, we also commemorate the Transfiguration of Jesus at Mt. Tabor. The symbols are the same: a bright light and then a cloud over the mountain. But this time a voice was heard, “This is my Beloved Son.” The transfiguration of Jesus is a foretelling of the glory of Jesus after His death on the cross. That is why Jesus told them, do not tell anyone about what you saw until the Son of Man rises from the dead.

We are given two scenarios of how you and I would end. The first scenario presents a catastrophic end. Our lives could end with a global war, maybe nuclear in nature. This could be the fruit of our arrogance and our indifference. On the other hand, our end could mean a sharing in the glory of the transfigured Lord. This can only happen if right now we make peace with ourselves, with one another, and with the world. What is our choice?

The answer is in our hands. God wants us to be transfigured with Him in the future. If we go on with our foolishness and keep waging war, we might really end up tragically torn, wounded, and beaten.

Mt. 17:1-8
Love Like Jesus

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