Are you alive? Most likely you will say “Yes!” First, you are here seated, listening to me. You can hear me. Your heart is beating. You are breathing. You can walk. The signs that you are alive are not just those that could be measured by medical equipment or diagnosed by doctors.

The distinct sign that you are alive is that you are able to give life to others. If that is the criterion for living: to be able to give life to others; therefore it is possible to be “alive” yet be buried six feet under the ground. A paradox? Yes. A person can be considered living if he is able to give life to others by the inspiration his life impresses on another. A man remains alive if he has set such a good example and his good deeds live on. His life, lived well, continues to influence people and thus he is, for all intents and purposes, still giving life.

In the same way, there are some of you who can pass the medical exam with optimum blood pressure, with the heart beating strongly, and the brain waves registering normal readings. The question is: Are you able to give life to others? If you are not able to give life to others, the doctors may testify that you are alive, but you may have died long ago.

Lk. 2:27-40
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