Which is stronger, the fox or the chicken? The obvious answer is the fox because the fox can kill the chicken but we don’t hear of chickens killing foxes. If we were in the zoo, chickens can be cuddled but foxes may run wild. They are strong.

Our Gospel speaks about two comparisons: comparison with a fox and comparison with a chicken. Herod is compared to a fox. He is shrewd, cunning, devilish, strong.

Jesus compares Himself to a chicken, a mother hen that is protective, caring, and tender. The hen must be tender, especially with eggs under her. Otherwise, she would crush all the eggs that are supposed to be hatched.

In the zoo or forest, the fox is the stronger one. In the kingdom of God, the stronger one is the hen. In the kingdom of God, it is the hen that is the more powerful one. In the kingdom of God, the one who cares for others, the one who protects and is tender is the powerful and stronger one.

We would like to be called intelligent as the fox. In the kingdom of God, it is not the intelligent one who is the greatest but the one who cares and the one who serves. That is why, when it comes to comparison, the Lord chose to be compared to a caring mother hen rather than to an intelligent fox.

Lk. 13:34-35
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