The scripture readings for today speak about wisdom, wealth, and treasure. The merchant in today’s Gospel is not you, and the pearl of great price in today’s Gospel is not God. The merchant in today’s Gospel is God, and you are the pearl. You are the treasure that God has discovered. What the parable says is this: God saw you, and no matter what people say about you, that is, that you are ugly, that you are good for nothing, that you are a bad husband or a bad wife, that you are a pain in the ass, and a pain in the neck, God saw a great price in you. No matter what people say about you, the Bible says to you today, God saw you, and God saw a great treasure in you. When God saw you, God could not rest! Hindi mapakali ang Diyos until He was able to get you.

He could not be stopped because He wanted to pay for your sins, to ransom you back, and to claim you back for Himself. That is wisdom.

You are the pearl; you are the hidden treasure, no matter what people say. I want to assure you now when God saw you, God was so restless about what He found. No matter what people say about you, when God saw you, He almost jumped with joy, His eyes brightened up, He gave a huge loving smile and said, “This is the pearl – the treasure I’ve been looking for.” What did God do? God gave you Himself. God gave up His life. God died in exchange for you.

Your spiritual life will not make any progress if you keep thinking that you must pay for the treasure. Your spiritual life will not progress an inch if you keep thinking that the kingdom of God can be exchanged for all your assets put together. Jesus did not teach that. What Jesus taught is this: He is the merchant! He discovered you. When He found you, he did everything to claim you, He staked everything, He sold everything, He gave up everything so that He can claim you back to His tender loving heart. Remember this, your spiritual life will begin not when you think you love God but when you are absolutely convinced that God loves you and that you are His pearl. You are His treasure; you are the apple of God’s eye.

Mt. 13:44-52
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