The two simple parables remind us of two very simple, familiar lessons. The first lesson is that everything comes from God. The second lesson is that everything must return to God. We know that. We are reminded of that when somebody is born. We are reminded of that when somebody dies. Everything comes from God. The only thing that does not come from God is sin. All the others are from Him. Even our trials turned into opportunities, our problems turned into victories, all these are from God. Everything must return to God. St. Ignatius loves to remind us, “All for the glory of God.”

Everything must be used to glorify God and everything must be returned to God with faith, with love, with trust. What unites the first reality that everything comes from God to the second reality that everything must return to God? How do things come from God? How are things supposed to return to God? One thing is very certain. We don’t throw it up to heaven and ask God to catch it. Blessings come to us from God through people and we return our blessings to God through people also. In other words, God comes to us through one another and we serve God through one another. Everybody is a pearl and everything is grace. Everything is a treasure from God, to God, through us.

Mt. 13:44-51
Love Like Jesus

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