We know the story of Job. He lost his children. He lost his property. He lost his herd of cows. He lost his beasts. He lost his house. He even lost his health. His whole body was covered with sores. He really suffered. Two days ago, we heard Job praying and asking God for help and asking God to explain. What was the response of God? Silence. God did not give him any answer. And yet what is striking about Job is that after praying and God met him with silence, he continued to believe that he will be vindicated. He believed that he will be declared innocent. He believed that through all this, God will prove that He loves Job. Even if God was silent, Job believed in God’s goodness and providence.

We are so different from Job. For instance, if we talk to somebody and that person does not respond, we might say, “I’ll talk to someone else.” Or if we pray and ask God, and God seems quiet, then we just give up praying and say, “I give up, I’ll try another time.” But in the case of Job, he was so comfortable with the silence of God. Why? Silence is not only a sign of indifference. Silence is not only a sign of swearing. Silence is not only a sign of hostility. I am sure Job knew the silence that his wife offered him when they slept together tenderly at night. I am sure that Job had experienced the silence of the child snuggling around his neck. I am sure that Job had experienced the silence of a friend whose face lights up upon seeing him before that friend is even able to speak. That silence is powerful because that silence speaks of love that no words can express. We are a people becoming less and less comfortable with silence.

And when our loved ones keep quiet, we complain and say, “Bakit ang tahimik mo?” When our loved ones keep quiet, we say, “What is the problem?” Silence is not always a sign of problems. Silence is not always a sign of indifference. The most profound thoughts cannot be contained in words, but can only be contained in silence. When Job prayed and God was silent, he knew that it did not mean that God was not listening. Job knew that the meaning of that silence of God is “I AM HERE.”

I believe in the sun even when the clouds hide it. I believe in love even in the midst of war. I believe in God even when He is silent.

Lk. 10:1-12
Love Like Jesus

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