Mary Help of Christians

The traditional image of Mary Help of Christians is the Blessed Virgin clutching her infant Son near her heart. Carrying a scepter on her right hand and the Christ Child on her left, Mother and Son both wear a crown while the Son carries a globe symbolizing His kingship of the world.

This mosaic is another depiction of Mary Help of Christians this time with the Mother embracing her adult Son and catching His precious Blood from His pierced side with her cupped hands. The regal symbols of scepter, crown and globe are laid down by her feet symbolizing her new understanding of her Son’s kingship.

The beloved disciple, with the eagle by his feet, stands farther from the cross to symbolize that no one has ever been closest to the Lord than His mother.

The cross has green leaves, signifying the life-giving tree of Calvary on which the second Adam died, curing the curse from paradise after the first Adam ate the fruit from the knowledge of good and evil.

There is a star of Bethlehem on top of the mosaic signifying the announcement made by the angel “Unto you is born the Savior Christ the Lord”. As the Child of the Virgin grew in wisdom and grace, so must every seminarian at the Mary Help of Christians grow to serve like the Lord and love and die like the same Lord.

This mosaic made by Father Eugene David is now enshrined at the Mary Help of Christians College Seminary Chapel


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