There were two gods who died on Good Friday. Jesus Christ and the 30 pieces of silver. Money also died on Good Friday because Judas who realized the gravity of his offense, threw the money back at the elders of Israel and declared, “cannot take what you are doing to my master.” While Jesus was dying at Calvary, money also died at the temple.

Two gods also resurrected on Easter Sunday. Jesus Christ who rose from the dead, and money again. Though Judas told religious leaders their money was powerless, they resurrected its power by bribing guards who witnessed the resurrection.

Both God and money have power. God takes away fear; money gave courage to the soldiers who were no longer afraid to lie. God gives us joy; money also brings happiness, albeit a fleeting one. God gives us security and so does money. Both have died. Both have resurrected. Both offer practically the same gifts – although in various levels and quality – peace, joy, happiness.

Unfortunately, when you believe in one god, you cannot believe in the other. If you believe that Jesus Christ who is God rose from the dead, you have to kill the power of money. On the other hand, if you believe money has power, you have to kill Jesus Christ in your heart. The choice is yours.

Heb 4:14-16
Jesus In My Heart

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