Every Mass is an opportunity for gift-giving. I suppose you and I are here because we all want to give ourselves to God. Let me just ask you a frank question asking for an honest answer: after giving a gift to God, what do you expect from Him? If you expect to be delivered from harm or you expect all good things to come your way, then I want to tell you that you did not offer a gift. You have offered a bribe.

A gift is freely given without expectations. We are here to offer a gift to God without expecting anything from Him as a reward. And this gift becomes even more meritorious and beautiful when in return the cross is given to us. As such, the temptation of bribing the Lord is also greatly diminished.

Let us ask ourselves again: why are we here? Is it because we expect God to improve our lives? Let us remember that God does not expect a bribe. The Israelites bribed Yahweh and they got nothing. Christ tells us,”I am here to make your life even more difficult because the cross is My treasure.

Mk 9:41

3 Replies to “BRIBE OR GIFT?”

  1. Not bribe…but gift…
    Amen po Bishop Soc🙏
    Thank you po for always reminding us the greatest love of our Lord for us…though I’m not merit…

  2. Again, thank you Abp Fr Soc for your inspiring insights/reminders. B or G? It never dawned on me till now. I shall be more mindful starting tmrw.
    Q is on ur last guote, wouldn’t it contradict Jesus’ hand (image of Sacred ♥️ of Jesus) calling mankind “come to Me all you who labor…. My yoke is easy….?

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