King David is the greatest king Israel ever had. He was the choice of God and was blessed by him. Although God really favored David, David was not a superman. He was very human. He was weak.

He saw a beautiful woman bathing; he brought the woman into his bedroom and had relations with her. The woman got pregnant and David sent the husband of the woman to the frontline so that the husband could be killed, so that he could convince himself that there was nothing wrong with what he did.

He was a great king but he was a sinner like all of us. We can identify ourselves with David. Perhaps we are not as great as he was, but certainly we are like David. We are all difficult to satisfy. It is very difficult to make all of us happy. It is very difficult to make me contented. Do you remember those days when you would be happy to have ten pesos in your wallet?

Now, we feel insecure if we only have one hundred. You remember when you got married, and you were happy to get one good son? Now you’re not happy with one good son, you want some more and more and more. You remember those days when you were happy with one little toy? Now, you want computers, video games and sophisticated gadgets. We are all difficult to satisfy because that is our human nature. We are always restless, discontented and always unhappy with what we have. And yet being unhappy is not really wrong.

Our restlessness should remind us that our hearts are made for God and only God can satisfy us. Not money, not sex, not popularity, not even friends. St. Augustine says: “O Lord, you have made our hearts for you and our hearts will be restless until they rest in you.” Only in God can we be satisfied.

2 Sam 11:1-12
Jesus In My Heart


  1. Powerful message motivating us to be true to our inner self and that only God is the Absolute value

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